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KBIS 2017 EN

KBIS 2017 EN


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Introduction to her team:

Kitchen Designer & Content Creator
Véronique Cimon

Production & Audiovisual Publishing
Demis Longoni & Francis Langlade
DeLign Studio –
Facebook & @delignstudio

Ariane Lemieux

Blog & Social Media Coordinator
Jessica Gagné

Video transcription

KBIS 2017

We had the opportunity to start the year in style with the KBIS 2017(The Kitchen & Bath Show), the renowned kitchen and bathroom convention in Orlando, Florida. Hundreds of manufacturers showcased the industry’s latest products, new trends and cutting-edge technologies that enable us to offer creative designs that will meet your unique needs.

I was honoured to participate at this market-leading show. When I arrived at the Kohler booth, I was struck by the faucets. For instance, there was a faucet presented as jewelry with gradation of chrome to gold to matte black. It was magical. (Kohler is when Art meets elegance and simplicity.) If the trend fits your needs and suits your tastes, I would say: ‘’Go for it.’’ It will stand the test of time.

The stand-out manufacturer of kitchen cabinets in Quebec is Miralis. The kiosk from Rimouski was nothing less than radiant! It is arguably one of the finest cuisines of KBIS 2017 in the black and white trend. The kitchens were simply stunning with Dekton on the counters. It is subject that I could eventually talk to you about. We were so proud to have a Quebec company presenting their products during the KBIS 2017 in Florida. We feel privileged to offer their products. You can consult our website for more information.

Véronique Cimon

Kitchen Designer
My goal is to help you find a balance between current trends, timeless design and fluidity of space that meets your needs. See my creations

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